Executive Commitee of the StaryHTI™




SEPTEMBER 30, 2023

We can confirm on September 29, 2023 at 13:56 p.m. an admission permission from UCAS has been signed, officially marking qualification for a potential upcoming postgraduate career life.

At this juncture, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the beloved family, cherished friends and respected counselor/teachers.

In the meantime, we find it necessary to document something special encountered along the way, which would be doomed to be precious legacy.

Often decision is complicated. Times it would be on the spur of the moment, times it would be judicious.

Something is clear, like we would never want to have a Postgraduate Entrance Examination(GEE) so that acquiring recommendation qualification is necessary. Something is weigh more confusing, like in which way we could take to assure the leading role.

Sacrifice something is a must to gain time and maintain vitality during the process, and that's why we've left the website for a year. Asymmetric information is the main trouble for most circumstances. To eliminate information gaps, more listening and talking is highly needed through which we could extract valid information and reach mutual understanding based on feedback in conversation construction and interpretation.

Building an image of a hypothetical enemy will do good to decision making, we believe. In this context, we assume the hypothetical image has a proficient mastery of knowledge we learn and has the ability to shine brilliantly in other fields. This setting is definitely useful when lack enough observations to make judgement.

Based on experience, bound by books won't have good results for most time, as interviewers have no likes for the content on paper. So the best way is to document anything we suddenly have an interest on, no need to dig deep but shall have a basic framework.

To better prepare and evaluate, some chances shall be considered as touchstones. These touchstones are no doubt the best way to check leakage and iterate. As for touchstones, if we didn't hit the target, we won't have any loss, but if we did, we would have a backup at least.

May the force be with us and Happy National Day.