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Executive Commitee of the HTI

Announcement at the 1st Anniversary


Jeudi, 15 Septembre 2022

Dear travelers,

We are so happy to inform you today is the First Anniversary the blog USTC-茶糜花开™, we are writing this announcement to thanks

for your continuous attention and support.

The very first man I'd like to appreciate is my powerful roomate Dr. David, who has led me to this whole new world and has given

consistent help during the initial construction stage of the site. Thanks for bringing us a long-term and sustainable note-taking method

that can be accessible to at anytime and anywhere only with the available network.

Further, there're many contributers whose dedication and assistance can never be negligible. We shall thank @Akilar1 ,@冰卡诺2

,@dreamyTZK3,@Heo4, etc. for their selfless open source tools and plugins which have greatly reduced the time-cost on configurations.

Besides, we shall pay tribute to the @Tianli5 ,@Arcitcgn6,@杜老师说7 , et al. for their commonweal proxy projects during the

hardest time accross mainland China. In addition to that, we've seen different lifestyles and witnessed what is and what was through

network cable despite of the capricious pandemic.Thanks for life recording bloggers like@Vian8,@火喵9,@风记星辰10, et al. who have

shown us what life really is and have been showing us imperceptible resplendent life moments.

As stated in the original intention of establishing this site, Science lights up the world, the main function is to record, share and

deepen our recognition to the objective universe. Somewhere along the way, we've come accross many academic gurus, some of them

are researchers in academic institutions, CAS, or as the Porf. or Associative Prof. in some colleges, etc. They have shared quite a lot open

or frontier knowledege that benefits a great deal.

There're still many others we shall express our gratitude to, yet as the sapce is limited, we have to regret to say the detailed

infomation won't be described here.

When we look back at the statistical data in the past year, we'll have a little sense of achievement. We've updated more than eighty

articles and the current pv&uv index has risen to a new height. What shall be emphasied is due to some reasons, the statistical period of

the pv&uv is 1, August-15,Septemberbecause the original tools can't work properly, so it's quite a pity that we can't get the complete

picture of the past year. We've also consummated relevant functions and eliminated redundant assemblies. We are always aiming to do

better by little.

So on the anniversary of this occasion, we wirte this summary to spur us forward, not just in academy, but for every corner of our life.

Thanks again for every travelers and supporters, genuinely hope to see you in the 2nd anniversay once again!

For now, as always, Take care!

All the best

Co-founder of the USTC-茶糜花开™ P.C:300000 Addr.:Tianjin, China